Providing Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services in the Southern Tier of New York. Founded in 1984 as a local response to the HIV epidemic, Southern Tier AIDS program provides effective and innovative HIV and Hepatitis C prevention education and outreach services to individuals and communities and comprehensive and caring services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Serving eight counties from nine office locations, all our services are free and confidential.

Board of Directors

  • Jerry Halbert, President
  • Andrea Vaioli, Vice President
  • Chris Waters, Secretary
  • Jill Alford-Hammitt, Treasurer
  • Tina Chronopoulos
  • Erin Donnelly
  • Melissa Klinko
  • Logan Robinson
  • Scott Rosman
  • Jeffrey Steber
  • Marsha Stock
  • James Oneyeike
  • Ralphalla Richardson
  • Andrea Shapley

Client Services